Contentious Probate

We have extensive experience of advising on all types of disputes that can arise in relation to Wills and Estates. For example, the validity of a Will may be in question due to undue influence, lack of capacity or simply a failure to comply with legal requirements. We can act for clients on either side of such disputes.

Sometimes beneficiaries are unhappy with the conduct of the executors or the administrators of an estate. In these situations we can apply to Court on behalf of a beneficiary to ensure that they properly perform their duties and if necessary have them removed from their office. We also act for executors and administrators in opposing such applications.

There are also times when a dependant of the deceased has either been excluded from or been inadequately provided for in a Will. In such a situation, the class of person may be a current or ex-spouse, children of the deceased, or some other person who was financially supported by the deceased. Through our experience we have brought many claims on behalf of our clients for adequate financial provision by applying to Court for the appropriate Order. We can also advise and act on claims to an ownership of, or interest in, Estate property.

We have considerable experience in these types of situations and more and have a combined experience of over 55 years working within the law. We have seen it all and in most cases it follows a set pattern. We will give you concise and practical advice at all times. Our approach is always to try and settle disputes wherever possible but also to be prepared to litigate robustly if necessary to achieve results.