Criminal Law

We specialise in the defence of Road Traffic Offences and Sexual Offences including historic allegations of assault and abuse.

We also specialise in cases involving Fraud and Financial Crime and will aggressively defend your liberty and assets. Often, Investigators and Prosecutors in financial cases think that the money trail makes you guilty and that you are guilty by association with others and that you are guilty until proven innocent. Having expert representation of the highest level at the earliest stage can stop them in their tracks. We often instruct Criminal QC’s of the highest level in the UK.

As an example of our associate Barristers Chambers in the arena of the Criminal Law, please visit the website We can also arrange, in most circumstances, free legal advice and representation at the Police Station.

Please feel free to contact Mr Steve Kang direct on 07765 481427 for an informal discussion to see whether your case would be suitable under the Direct Public Access Provisions.